Saturday, February 5, 2011


"...Jagged places give way to a downy like smoothness all the while holding onto properties of strength found in the rock. Pointed and sharp places become smooth like the stones of a river bed (or ocean). They can be walked on or held without pain. So it is with you." ~ Brenda Craig

This past week, Brenda Craig awakened me on the 1st of this new month of February with:

Walk With Me In The Garden Of My Heart

as her WORD of the DAY from Our Lord and the first Words did call me aside to sit with Him then I delighted as I read the complete letter from the "Breath of Life" with so much more that I needed to hear from Our Beloved Lord. That's usually how it is whenever I visit Journals of the Heart with Brenda Craig.

But then the very next day, Brenda wrote one that reminded me of this place where I had been last October with:

I Am Your God Of All Hope

I know that if you take the time to go read this or any from this week, God will speak to you also

The beginning of Brenda's prayer expresses so much...from my heart... it's as if she knows me
"Lord, You are my Light and my Salvation in all areas of my life. My rough places do not surprise You, nor do they cause dismay. You never look at me and think I am not worth it or too tough to handle. Your kindness, mercy and goodness are ever before me…wooing me…calling me…saying to me, “Come close.” Create in me a burning desire to be ever close to the fire of Your heart…to the fire of Your all consuming love. May I drown in the flowing waters of Your enduring and life-changing love.... " to read the rest continue HERE Planetshakers "The HOPE of ALL Hearts"

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