Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Lord is My Strength

I love you, LORD; You are my strength.

The LORD is my rock, my fortress, and my savior;
my God is my rock, in whom I find protection.
He is my shield, the strength of my salvation, and my stronghold.

I will call on the LORD, who is worthy of praise,
for He saves me from my enemies.
Psalm 18:1-3

Today I join with Peggy in prayer:

Lord, today I need to know you as my strength and my deliverer. You know me inside and out, God, and You know my heart, my desires, my very thoughts. I ask that you protect me and shield me from all undesirable thoughts and desires. Close my ears to those that malign me or try to hurt me with their words. Let me hear Your Word of truth, love and Your promises to me instead of the lies of the enemy.
Open my eyes, my heart, my soul. Allow Your Holy Spirit, which lives in me, to guide me through this day. Help me to pause to hear Your voice above all the clamor and noise of this world. Then help me to obey what You are telling me.

So often during my day I find that I am too busy, too distracted, too overwhelmed. Lift me up, Lord, and relieve this overwhelmed and stressful me. I so want to do what You want me to do, You know I do. My days are filled to the brim with negativity, cutting remarks, unrelenting demands. These are not from You, Lord.

I ask that You filter out the negatives and fill me with Your positives...the promise of Your faithfulness, Your unchanging love, Your power and Your strength. Carry me throughout this day with Your strength and do not allow me to rest on my own....I am solely relying on Your strength and power for I have none of my own left in my body. I am broken again, Lord....broken....and I need You to put the pieces back together and show me where to go.

Today, when I hear someone malign someone else, replace in my mind these words with Your Word--the truth of the entire situation. Guide me, Lord....please guide me....for I am lost.....lost without You.
Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the LORD our God...Psalm 20:7.

My Father, I know You have the power and the strength to do everything...even what I consider to be impossible....I ask that You increase my trust and faith in You....You alone, Lord....
In Your Son Jesus' most precious Name I pray...for this day and every day of my life,

* reposted by Peggy with the added photo of the SCENE


Peggy said...

Blessings Beth... Ohhh how I miss these kind of words written from your heart on these blogs!!! YEAHHHH! It's Friday & you prayed!


He is Your Strength & Your Deliverer!
He is Your Rock & Your Shield!
Only to Him do we yield...

Love your prayer and seeing you Draw Closer in your walk when your daily routine overwhelms you.
I happen to know how very demanding & relentless this stress affects all areas of your life & drains you. My biggest hope is as God hears your prayer today, it will end this, so you can keep posting!

I notice that 'warmharte' has come alive again and you are in a new group of wonderful bloggers so if you spend time visiting this great community, you won't have much extra time. Two really wonderful posts with them on Gratitude and Walk with Jesus! That is really a BIG step back to the progress in the 'bear' world.
They're adorable...but I suppose I should write that over there. May they have the other 3 soon to accompany them to these precious children to hug & hold.

Since you asked Our Lord for some specific things, I pray He does increase and make necessary changes
so you can breathe... and live in His power & strength! Thanks you for sharing on this study & linking up!!!

I love you and I welcome you & your prayer...any time!!!
Peace, (((hugs)))

Peggy said...

ohhh and I forgot...perfect Psalm & song besides your beautiful heartfelt prayer!!!

Karen said... agreement and praying this with you....

Sara said...

By His power and only through HIs name! AMEN!

Delighted to stop by today! Hope you don't mind if I splash around for a bit. This looks like a refreshing spot.

happy day,