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The Name of Jesus for this week with Ann Spangler at was

IT'S TIME TO SHARE from our study this week of "Praying the Names of Jesus"

Remember, however you want to share; from the e-votional this week with Ann Spangler, from what you read in her words, or in God's Word; a song; a poem; a prayer; a graphic or photo ... whatever you desire to share about JESUS as FRIEND; perhaps even some of you may like to share how Jesus is Your Friend or became your friend in your life, a brief testimony - the only requirement is that it is about the Name of Jesus for the current week. You have until Sunday, when the new Name will post for the next week.

Of course, the first thing that came to my mind was sharing the song "what a friend we have in Jesus"... followed by many other songs. Since I have known Jesus in a personal relationship, it was easiest to relate to Him as a friend, until you realize what this "friend" has done for you and how valuable this friendship is... it's then that Jesus as my friend becomes much more.

How about you? Would you like to join us and share about Jesus as your friend?

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Reading Ann's devotional in my email this week, and reading the scriptures, reflecting on all she shares ... I thought I should share a prayer to Him. Each day this is at the top of the e-mail to remind us...

"When you pray to Jesus your Friend, you are praying to the One who loved you before you were loveable and who links you together with His many friends throughout the world..."
...and with this being "Praying the Names of Jesus", it only makes sense to apply what we read on Tues.- Thurs. But beyond that these words really struck me. I knew this, of course, but to read daily that Jesus loved "me" / "you" before we were loveable and knowing Him and sharing in that friendship links us together and with His many friends worldwide... WOW!

Anyways... I say Jesus Name often in my prayers. I usually close with "in the Name of Jesus," and that comes up in my prayer once in a while. I say "Praise You Jesus" and "Thank You Jesus" but I don't think I very often start my prayers...Dear Jesus... or dear Friend... nor do I talk with Him like a friend. But that's gonna change today!

When I need a Friend, He is the BEST One FOREVER and how many friends do you know that would give up their life for you?

And as you accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior, you surrender too and give up your life more and more for His way, which becomes your way and soon you are At one. Hopefully, if the time ever comes that you would have to loose your life to defend your faith in Jesus Christ and not to deny knowing Him, like Peter did but repented... may you be strong enough in your faith and courage to be ready also as He was to obey His Father for us. That's what His friendship means... eternity!

I love these words of prayer from Ann Spangler from Monday's evotional:
Jesus, You valued my friendship more than you valued Your life. How can I begin to understand that kind of love? Help me to be among those You count as faithful friends, living in a way not that repays Your friendship, because that is impossible, but in a way that reflects my gratitude. Thank you, my Friend. Amen.
Dear Jesus,

I praise You and thank You for being the Greatest Friend anyone could ask for or have... You are the Best! You became my friend when I was not loveable. I praise You for loving me and taking that first step toward me and our friendship! It was not based on shared interests or mutual admiration like most friendships. Yet I admire You greatly! I cannot imagine my life without You as my Friend. You have been my Friend through so many problems and messes. You have always been right beside me to talk and share my thoughts, feelings, concerns, heartaches and trials. Our friendship is based solely on Your love for me that beckoned me and now my love for You. Praise You Jesus for drawing near to me. I praise You Jesus for revealing Yourself as my Master and also my Friend.

Words cannot express ALL it means to me to have You as my Friend! Thank You!
Strengthen me to show my friendship to You the same way You did for me, if ever a time comes when I must choose my life or You as my Friend! May I easily choose You!

Continued Prayer and Praise
Recall that God speaks to his friends. (Exodus 33:7 - 11)
Pray for Christ to watch over you. (Job 29:2 - 6)
Consider that a cord of three strands is not easily broken. (Ecclesiastes 4:9 - 12)
Remember that it is possible to betray Christ's friendship. (Matthew 26:47 - 51)
Consider how Jesus befriends sinners. (Luke 5:17 - 20)
Recognize Christ as your Friend. (John 21:4 - 7)
Act like Christ's friend. (James 2:20 - 24)

Please take the time to listen to this song for TSMSS (Then Sings My Soul Saturday) that I posted on Word Filled Wednesday (WFW), I was going to share it here... but I couldn't wait when I found it so since I already have it posted... I hope you can go hear "I WILL BE YOUR FRIEND" sung by Amy Grant, from Jesus to us!

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