Sunday, April 19, 2009

Thank You

I'm joining with Peggy for Super Sunday. If you get the chance today or sometime this week, stop by and visit her. You'll find that it is well worth your time.

Last night I was trying to pray. I say trying because I couldn't seem to form the thoughts that were in my mind into sentences.

I finally gave up on the "sentence feature" of my prayer and just started saying words to My Lord. I know that He knows all that is in my life, all that is in my heart and mind. I left it up to Him to form my single words and phrases into prayer.

Here's just some of the single words I offered to God:




don't want to go there


no energy


sleeping too much










empower me




carry me

carry me

carry me

thank you



Denise said...

I love you my friend.

Jenny said...

I needed that video today:) Lifting your single words in prayer with you as well, it's been a rough week.

Peggy said...

Oh Beth...He never lets go; through the: job, stress, crying, sleeplessness, lack of energy, anxiety, too much sleep, disappointment, discouragement, sadness,... overwhelming load even from bothersome friend with blog needs (no longer needy).

Ya' saw what I wanted you to see ...the hand of God...reaching, yes to you...
right through this despair,
right through the cosmic air,
right down to Beth's little square.
Breaking through
Right to you...
Won't you let Him in...
Won't you let Him carry you...
where...right there!
Help...always Your strength & Your rod, do not dismay, do not fear
Go read Denise's SSS!!!

I love Matt Redman's "Never Let Go"
but even more I love you! I care!

May the GREAT I AM meet you today and gird you up for the week ahead!
May He lift you! May you sense His
empowerment of His Holy Spirit! May you quietly rest in Him! May He pour love, hope, encouragement, and
oodles of strength to hold you up & carry you! ((hugs))

Angela said...

All those words are from my own heart also...That was beautiful....

amen amen amen

godsown said...

Indeed He never let go...

So thru what you said "I know that He knows all that is in my life, all that is in my heart and mind. I left it up to Him to form my single words and phrases into prayer."
That He will lift you up today and the whole coming week !


Darlene said...

I am so glad that HE never lets go!
I too have been hit with what seems like a rough year. Joey and I find ourselves in uncharter water for us... we need God's direction in so many areas of our lives. I know that God is not surprised by any of this...just so ready for some things to calm down. I know it will happen in His timing!
Praying for you dear friend!