Sunday, December 28, 2008

Signs, Signs, Everywhere Are Signs

Peggy at Amazing Grace~~Mazes, Messes, Miracles is without internet service for the time being. She usually hosts Super Simple Sunday, and since she is not available I decided to post this regardless.

I was just reading at Internet Cafe Devotions, "The Road for a Year" by Angie.

And I know that God led me to read this on this particular day. I feel as though I am at a crossroads in my life--which way to go, where is God leading me next, praying for His direction in my life.

In the busyness of preparing for Christmas, I have not been listening as closely to what God is saying to me. God is still here, still working in my life. But, I have allowed myself to be pressured, feeling stressed, tired and worn down, irritable. As a result of this, I have missed the small moments--the moments when God is telling me "Stop, look and listen!! I have something to tell you and you're not hearing it!!"

Today God has posted a stop sign in my life--a sign from God in the road of my life telling me to stop, be still and listen for His voice. So, I will be still and wait and listen. I will be quiet and listen to others around me as He speaks to me through them.

I do have plans for the day--time spent with my daughter--precious few moments that we have together before she leaves to return to Texas. I will follow through with these plans, but I intend to truly listen to what she is telling me because I have missed her, missed time spent with her in both of our busyness.

Stop over and read what Angie has written at Internet Cafe Devotions. What sign is God posting in your life today?


And after I posted this, I just "happened" to read the Bible verse for today that is in the sidebar!

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”
Matthew 11:28


Aunt Kathy said...

Thanks Beth, I know you know that spoke to me. Thank God He is faithful to keep calling us until we stop and listen.

Denise said...

Very inspiring, love you.

Angie said...

Beth that is exactly what is happening in my own life :)
I have to "stop" and truly put my EAR to the WORD and hear Him speak!

Thank you for your kind comments today!

Marsha said...

This is truly beautiful. Thank you for sharing your heart and your desire to obey His still small voice.

Michele Williams said...

This was quite inpiring. Thank you for sharing... Blessings...