Sunday, May 3, 2009

Super Sunday

Today I am joining Peggy for Super Sunday. Be sure to stop by and visit Peggy. Her post today is awesome and inspiring. Maybe you'd even like to join in today!

I've been staying away from blogging lately, and I've received several e-mails and comments asking me if everything is okay--I've not been heard from lately. I thank you for thinking of me, and I would appreciate prayers for my family and also the little one that will be born in November.

So, I decided today to share a little with you. I'm not going into a lot of details because they are very personal and private.

But, I need you to know that all three of my children have reached an impasse in their lives--a time when they are experiencing hurts and pains from their past. I have shared some of this past previously, and each of them are suffering in their own way--one with anger, one with total confusion and one facing consequences from poor decisions of their own.

To say that this has been a difficult time for me is stating this mildly. There has been a great deal of dissension in my household, a lot of crying, and a total feeling of my life swirling out of control.

Yes, it is out of my control--but it is in God's control.

I have been healed from these hurts through the power of God's love, the ability given to me through Him to forgive. My children have not yet experienced this forgiveness in themselves, and they are coming to me with all of their various hurts, pains and sufferings.

Is this bringing up the past haunting me and bringing me new hurts and pains? Yes, it is. I am hurting for my children--for all we have been through and the fact that they cannot see the present because of the past clouding their view.

But, I have been praying, seeking the counsel of members of my spiritual family, and I know through prayer and the wisdom of others that God does His greatest works through times of crisis. His truths and promises allow me to know that I do have hope, joy and love in my life. He WILL bring my children to Him to fill them with the love that only He can impart. He WILL heal them and lead them to seek forgiveness.

I will not let the enemy take me down through this. I am standing strong in the power of God's love, might and strength.

A wonderful friend of mine, knowing that God often speaks to me through music, sent me this song. I have listened to this many times over the past week--soaking in the words--letting God take control of this entire situation--allowing Him to lead me through the storm.

This song is a very old song--originally written in 1875. The lyrics are by Fanny Crosby and the music composed by Dr. Robert Lowry.

Chris Tomlin has updated the song a little, and yes, this song--though very old--still stands as true today as it did in 1875.

My Savior is leading me as I fall back into His arms for His comfort--allowing Him to carry me--for I cannot stand on my own.



godsown said...

All the way my savior leads me!!
Love this song and lyrics and i love to see you.....!!
Will keep-on praying.

Take Care and GB

grey like snuffie said...

WHEW---He is the answer....praying as He leads...that He will be found by each family meet their need.

Jenny said...

Praying for you and your family. This song is beautiful.

Peggy said...

Blessings Beth, WOW...what a wonderful surprise for Super Sunday! I'm not sure what was more beautiful the song & video or your precious heart as it relayed the
struggles going on at home & the
constant stress at work(not even mentioned) because if one of these
two places had some peace, it would lessen the load and you could cope.

May the Savior not only lead you to
a place of enduring love & peace as your testimony shows that He alone has brought you that but that He would lead each of these adult children & their pain, hurts &
past to His cross, where they too
will experience what you have!!!

GOD is in control, leave it in His hands, allow Him to carry your burden, not you all alone, because
YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Way to break out
little radiant butterfly, do not let the enemy strong & courageous. I thank God for your
church spiritual friends that are there for you! I thank God that He is faithful and will lead these 3 to Him. I thank God that a little birdie came and touched your heart
and today at church you will know
His Presence & lay down your burdens and maybe someone went with you and may God break through to her. Lord, take away this burden from Beth, guard her heart & her tears & give her more peace & strength for the battle every week
at home & at work! Lighten her load
in Jesus Name, we pray, praise You & thank You...for all good comes from You as You lead...

Ron said...


God never ceases to amaze me how He works in our lives. Thank you for being so vulnerable with the struggle your in right now. Even though there's pain and sadness you have a powerful story that needs to be shared. Thank you for looking up towards you savior and seeking His heart and direction. I know God is not wasting these valley experiences. He is teaching you, loving you and preparing you for possibilities beyond our imagination. I am praying for you and your kids and I'm expecting miracles! Please know you are loved by so many especially and beyond measure by your Abba Father! God bless you dear friend!


Kay Martin said...

I read this post and I think of all the major life changes going on in your life right now. A move, a new baby, one child living with you and perhaps more with you. Now, you are helping your children through their maturing past the hurts of their childhood.

God in you can do this and more, but please embrace the huge mountains that He is moving as you speak to Him and He ministers through you.

My prayers are with you. Be very kind to yourself. I recall when I hoped my mom would help me and she totally misunderstood my intent and she only made everything worse. She did her best, but that was not helpful.

God graciously placed beautiful mentors in my life who are still there for me all these years later.

He works it all out wonderfully but there are many tears and much baggage piled up in the transition.

Love you...miss you... but I understand.

In my prayers,
Kay of SC

Beth in NC said...

Hi Beth,

I'm sorry to hear things are up in the air right now with your family. I pray God will bring peace and CLARITY to your kids in Jesus' Name. I pray all confusion leaves and that healing will flow.

God bless you all. Thank you for being transparent.


Denise said...

I am very sorry that you are dealing with so much right now my friend. I love you, and constantly pray for you.