Monday, June 15, 2009

Weekly Memory Verse

It's time for this week's memory verse!! These weeks are flying by and bringing with them a lot of change in my life--some I embrace readily and quickly--some I'm sitting back and watching unfold--taking in the changes, talking with God about them, and awaiting His decision and answer to me.

In all of the changes that have been brought into my life within the recent months, I've been absent from "Blog World" quite frequently. I hope to be back soon--though I can't tell you when--whenever the opening appears in my life to allow me the time and energy.

I do want to say that I have missed all of you--your valuable input and insights--and I appreciate your prayers and thoughts more than you could ever begin to imagine.

So--here we go--last week's verse:

Therefore, confess your sins to one another, and pray for one another so that you may be healed. The effective prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much. James 5:36 (NASB)

As I pondered on this verse throughout this week, God showed me several places in my heart that were dark--not opened to Him yet--that I needed to confess and heal through Him. And so, I did--through prayer.

I do not believe that James, in this verse, is telling us to stand up and confess our sins to everyone in the room--say at a church service. But, we do need a close confidante--perhaps a spiritual mentor or adviser, an accountability partner, a close friend that we can trust--a fellow believer to steer us in the right direction, someone who is willing to pray for us.

I feel that some of the most important words in this verse are "pray for one another". This does not involve the pointing out of others' flaws to another person. This involves you personally praying for that person.

Suppose I see a person that I know in distress--obvious distress--either through their words or actions. I may not know the reason for their distress. But, I can intercede for them, through the power of prayer, to God--to bring them peace in their lives, to help them through this time, for God to point them in the right direction, guide and lead them.

I read once (and I can't remember where or I would give them the credit--just know this is not mine):

He who prays surrounds his house with a wall stronger than iron.

Through prayer and faith, we have power through God to change our lives, change the lives of others, and a difference can be made for ourselves and others. This is where the healing begins--the pointing out of our flaws by God--perhaps through others--and allowing Him into those dark recesses of our hearts and minds which He has not touched yet. Then, and only then can the healing and changing begin.

Only God has the power, strength and might to see us through our everyday small problems, our very large burdens, our hidden flaws that He wants us to change.

As James points out in this verse, we need to pray for one another so that we can be healed--healed of our sorrows and shames, and prayer is tapping into the incredible power of God so that all of this can occur.

I'm anxious to see what everyone else has to say about this verse. So, please link up and I'll be back later today to read and comment.

And here is the verse for next week--the 10 of hearts from the "Embracing the Word" cards:

Therefore there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus....Romans 8:1 (NASB)



Beth in NC said...

Oh Beth, I LOVVEEEE that quote you shared! I would love that on a wall in my house!

I also love the scripture from last week. As I shared on my post, this scripture makes me think of "exposing" the darkness. Our confession to others keeps us humble and keeps the darkness exposed so that it can't grow. I love it.

God bless you today!

Peggy said...

Blessings Beth and how AWESOME! I LOVE each word that you shared and how you shared this! How very true!

I have missed these morsels of wisdom from you on each verse! I love how God opened your eyes from the dark in the past & shone His light & love & direction through your insights & prayer!

Great spiritual application! May God surround YOUR HOME & those you love with this wall & healing. In His strength, we have the power to heal and make right & begin to change.

From the looks of it, you aren't the only one being absent from blog world. Hope God brings back the ones who began this Memory walk!

Love you & praying & believing! Thanks so much!!!

Wisdom for Today said...

I love the way you've written this. I am blessed to have an accountability partner in my husband. My prayer list is very long but my blessings are longer becasue of the prayers of others putting those iron walls around us!
Thanks for the great post!

Rachel said...

Wonderful insights. It is interesting confession - when we put words to a situation or issue and especially when we speak them to another somehow it makes the issue more real. Often I will be talking to someone and as I put words to the emotions that have been stirring in my spirit - they become real so I can put my mind around them or in some cases pray more clearly about the situtation.

Words define, ground and establish what is happening in our souls. Once they are grounded then we can truly deal with it - in confession give it over to God and seek His power to heal and redeem.

And so often we underestimate the power of prayer for one another. It amazes me to know that God delights in the prayers of His children. May we pray unceasingly for one another and open up to one another so we can pray more often.


Sharon said...

CONFIRMATION toooooo meeeeee!!
This is a awesome scripture and I am going to use it on my site in a few minutes cause I just got news.. I am sure you will not mind if I use this and share this with others.
Thanks my friend, chat soon!!! :)

have a beautiful day and keep on smiling :) God Wuv's Ya! so do I