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The Name

God is not content to be known merely as Creator, Lord, or even Father. Incredibly he reveals himself also as Bridegroom or Husband. The Hebrew Scriptures contain numerous allusions to Yahweh as Israel’s divine Husband, and the New Testament presents Christ as the church’s Bridegroom. He is the Holy One who did not cling to his divinity but left his Father’s house to dwell among us, calling us to become one with him in the most intimate way possible. To all of us, male and female, Christ offers himself as our provider and protector, the one who has forever pledged himself in faithfulness and love.
Key Scripture
Blessed are those who are invited to the wedding supper of the Lamb! Revelation 19:9
Isaiah 54:5 – 7;

Revelation 19:6 – 9;

Matthew 9:14 – 15;

John 3:29
Revelation 21:2-4 (65 kb)

Lord, you left your Father’s house to come to earth and claim me as your own. Thank you for showing me what love is by the way you lived your life. Preserve me from both worldliness and weariness as I await your coming. I pray that on that great and terrible day, I, along with all your people, will be ready, eagerly awaiting your return as our Savior and our Bridegroom.
What do you think it means that Jesus is the Bridegroom?
Let's discover more this week through Ann's book or evotionals
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Beth in NC said...

Ahhh, our Bridegroom! He is coming back for a bride who is spotless and whole!

I love Him!