Sunday, March 1, 2009

Super Sunday

Peggy at aMazing Grace~~Mazes, Messes, Mi
racles usually does a Super Sunday meme.

However, Peggy is taking a blogging hiatus during Lent--a time for her to refresh herself and grow closer to our Lord. I have volunteered to take this over for her.

It's really very simple!! All you need to do is post a graphic, a picture of a scene, a Scripture that you have perhaps come across this week that has spoken to you of God's Glory! Then come back and link up!! I know that Peggy will be
thrilled to later see who has participated and what their offerings to God were today!

Courtesy of Ben Steed of

I actually came across this verse when I was searching for a background for my desktop for the month of March. And this verse definitely spoke to me!!

Let's face it--sheep are not the most intelligent creatures that God has created. They need guidance from the shepherd--constant prodding with the staff to go forward and to stay with the flock, pulling with the crook of the staff to come back and be safe from danger.

When I read this verse, I felt very grateful that our Father is also our shepherd--guiding us along life's paths. He knows each of us individually, knows our name, and we know our Father, our shepherd.

As the sheep know the shepherd's voice, we can learn to listen and discern God's voice from all the others in the distraction of everyday life--and there are a lot of distractions to contend with!

But, here is the part of the verse that spoke to me the most--just as a shepherd will lay down his own life for his flock, Jesus has laid down His life for me, for you, for each and everyone one of us.

I can't think of one other person in my life that would actually do that for me--lay down their very lives for me. Can you?

Jesus is the only answer to this question. Jesus is the one who laid down His own life for us, and because of His love for us, we must learn to love one another--even the unlovable--as He commanded us to--bringing each of His sheep home to Him.

I am so thankful that God sought out this sheep named Beth and opened her eyes and ears so that she could see and hear of God's love for her--the only unconditional love available.

You see--I was lost, blind and deaf to everything God had to offer me. But, with one touch, He opened all my senses to see and accept His love.

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Have a wonderful Super Sunday!!

I'll see you tomorrow to continue our Weekly Memory Verse!! Everybody ready??


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