Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday at Truth 4 the Journey

I'm joining Sonya at Truth 4 the Journey for "Thankful Thursday". Be sure and visit Sonya and see what everyone is thankful for this week. Maybe you'd like to join in--all you need to do is list 5 things you are thankful for this week.

My 5 thankfuls for this week:

  • I'm thankful that my internet seems to be finished with its "on again-off again" mode and I can sit down and post this!
  • I'm thankful that my children feel that they can confide in me (even though it did cause me stress! (see warmHarte)
  • I'm thankful for the Word of God and the comfort and wisdom His Word brings me.
  • I am thankful that I saw two geese swimming and diving in the creek for fish today!
  • I am thankful for prayer--seeking solace and understanding from God--and receiving answers in sometimes (really most of the time!) unexpected ways!


Denise said...

Such nice blessings.

Beth in NC said...

What a nice list of thanksgiving!

Have a blessed TT!

Laurie said...

Great list! I enjoy seeing geese, too! Enjoy your day in Him!

Deb said...

Isn't it great when we can be thankful for the simplist of things...the geese. Sometimes those are the greatest moments of truly praising God for Who He is.

Jenny said...

Great list of things to be thankful for:)

seesawfaith said...

Wonderful list!

HisFireFly said...

God so loves your thankful heart!
Please know that He is well pleased.