Monday, April 5, 2010



The Name of Jesus for this week with Ann Spangler at

Hope you will join us each Friday, sharing from what we read or would like to share about the Name of Jesus for that week (or anytime during that weekend). You may go HERE to find out more and follow along daily at Crosswalk. com with the devotional of Ann Spangler, "Praying the Names of Jesus"

Key Scripture: Philippians 2:9 - 11

Other scriptures:
(T) Deuteronomy 10:14 –17 and Matthew 7:21;
(W) Philippians 2:5 –11;
(TH) Ephesians 5:8 –10;
(F) 2 Peter 3:8 –10; Romans 14:10 –12;

Extra scriptures to continuing praising Him as Your LORD:

(Mark 10:42 – 45),(Luke 2:8 – 14; Philippians 4:4),(Luke 5:4 – 8),(John 20:24 – 29),(Acts 2:29 – 36),(Romans 10:9 – 13),(Romans 16:12; Ephesians 6:10; Philippians 2:19; 3:1),(1 Corinthians 15:20 – 28)

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Anonymous said...

Blessings EVERYONE,

I love these points that Ann shares today:

1)Christianity's earliest confession of faith consisted of three short but incredibly powerful words:
Jesus is Lord!


2)Both those who love Him and those who oppose Him will one day call Jesus "Lord."

No wonder Paul remarked Romans 8:38-39

But this is the greatest!
3)In the end, even the devil will be forced to acknowledge Him.


Sovereign Lord, I place my life and stand in the gap placing lives of loved ones in Your more than capable hands! As I receive and come to know You Jesus as Lord, Master of my life, I relinquish any control, I may still be holding on to, any thread...I let go and ask You to help me. Let me know when I try to take back control. I want a deeper experience of You & Your Presence in me. I want to experience Your power in me and through me to others. O Lord let me be an instrument of Your love, Your peace, Your life and Your Truth in everything I do. Thank You, Lord!

According to this meaning, You are owner, emperor, father, master, king and husband! I give You all the honor, respect and glory You totally deserve! I confess You as Lord and await the day when every knee shall bend and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord!

Thank You for revealing Yourself more to me through the Name Lord!

As I looked at this word, I remember part of the catholic mass, where we ask for Christ's mercy,
we would say Kyrie eleison... meaning Lord have mercy... followed by Christe eleison... Christ have mercy...repeated 6xs. 3 the priest and 3 from us the penitents! WOW!
aMazing what stays in your head!
Followed by the Gloria in excelsis Deo...Glory to God in the highest!

May our Lord be glorified in our lives this week as we come to Him for mercy on us individually and corporately as a nation and as a world fallen from grace & His compassion.

Peace & love in Christ,