Friday, April 9, 2010


The Name of Jesus for this week with Ann Spangler at was

IT'S TIME TO SHARE from our study this week of Praying the Names of Jesus

Remember, however you want to share; from the e-votional this week with Ann Spangler, from what you read in her words, or in God's Word; a song; a poem; a prayer; a graphic or photo ... whatever you desire to share about JESUS as Lord; perhaps even some of you may like to share how Jesus is Lord in your life, a brief testimony - the only requirement is that it is about the Name of Jesus for the current week. You have until Sunday, when the new Name will post for next week.


I would like to invite you or encourage you to view Jenifer "At The Well" in her teaching of Jesus as Lord. It was in the session for Week 4. I also want to recommend another great book by Kay Arthur, "Lord, I Want to Know You " (a devotional study on the Names of God)

What type of commitment does it require on your part,
in order to call Jesus "Lord"?

Please leave a link to your blog, if you are sharing "Lord" in the comments just like you would do in the linky. Thank you!

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