Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Garden Vision

I am getting lost in a vision of a garden pool. It is a place of cleansing. It is a place of lush growth. It is warm and cool at the same time. There are many shadows... but the light breaks through on the water and shines brilliantly.

The fragrances are almost overwhelming, so thick it seems like I should be able to touch them, hold them, place them in my own alabaster box.
It is a stone path that leads to the pool. Rocks and stones surround and contain the water. Flowers are floating on the surface.

The water looks so dark and deep. I want to drift, to be engulfed, to be consumed.

There are birds singing. The are angels singing. There are butterflies dancing a dance before their creator.

I need to feel this on my skin. We should need no clothes here. We should have no need to hide before our FATHER or before the lover of our souls.

Let me wash in HIS love. Let me drown in HIS mercies. Let me linger in worship, in awe and in adoration.


sailorcross said...

Just overwhelm me!! I want to be in this place, and someday I will--and there I will finally meet you face to face.

I read this earlier and now have come back to read it again.

I will read it again before I sleep tonight and I pray I dream of this place--so peaceful, so calm, so loving.


Peggy said...

Take me there...for the glory of His splendor overflows. What a beautiful description and what a beautiful picture of such a cleansing place of LOVE! Thank you for sharing this vision and instilling the HOPE of being so covered by His mercies & love in such adoration & praise!