Saturday, October 11, 2008

Song Snippet

I am sorry to be absent fom posting recently. My heart is here, but life gets in the way at times.

I found this little snippet of song that the Lord gave me during an October season 2 years ago.

I had forgotten these words and I am happy to share them with you:

Glory, glory, glorious Lord
Your glory is what we see,

Your glory is what we breathe
Your glory is what You call us to carry to a world in need
You send us out as lights in the darkness
Filled with mercy and grace
We pray Lord God when the world looks upon us
They will see Your face

For another post containing words from the past visit me at Flickers of a Faithful FireFly


sailorcross said...

This is just beautiful. I pray everyday that others will see Jesus in my face, my eyes, my actions, my demeanor. And also, the I see others the way the God see them--not the way that I may view them.


Denise said...

Such beautiful words, thanks for sharing.

Peggy said...

Blessings His Firefly...these words do bring Glory! They are beautiful & go well with the other words shared
at Flickers of a Faithful Firefly!