Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Listen and Obey

If you've been following along, you'll know that I've been reading Stormie Omartian's book, "The Power of Praying Through the Bible."

This week, we're on the third chapter which involves listening to God.

The section of Scripture to "read and consider" is Genesis 6:9-22, and the particular verse that Stormie has zeroed in on is:

Noah was a righteous man, blameless among the people of his time, and he walked with God....Genesis 6:9

I can think of many in the Bible who "walked with God". But, Noah does stand out as example of a man who not only "walked with God", but he listened and obeyed to exactly what God was telling him to do.

Now, I can just imagine this: Noah going about his daily business, and God comes to him and says, "Noah, I want you to build an ark." Poor Noah! He doesn't even know what this means!

And Noah listened to God and obeyed exactly to what God was telling him to do, down to the last cubit!

I've always thought about the ridicule and the jokes that Noah and his family must have endured. Yet, Noah continued with his task to its completion, trusting that God told him to do this, and he must listen and obey.

God had looked upon His creation, and I'm sure He was saddened. All was corrupt with the exception of Noah and his family. They were the only ones standing firm and faithful in God. They stood alone for God in the culture they were living in.

Many centuries later, Jesus describes this time:

"For in the days before the flood, people were eating and drinking, marrying and giving up in marriage, up to the day Noah entered the ark; and they knew nothing about what would happen until the flood came and took them all away. That is how it will be at the coming of the Son of Man."........Mattthew 24:38-39

Jesus is giving a warning here about going about daily duties, our "to-do lists", letting the busyness of our day to day lives overtake us and prevent us from stopping and listening to God.

How easy it is to start our day with a "Thank You, God , for this day.....continue on with OUR list of requests from HIM, and then just move on.....move on without stopping to listen to what God is requesting from US.

This is what Stormie says in her book:

"What would our lives be like if we took the time not only to talk to God but to listen to Him as well? What if we determined to obey what He tells us to do--no matter how much our society might scoff at us?

Do you want to walk with God? Then in your prayer time, listen carefully for His voice. You may hear Him leading you in a new direction, with a new purpose, and with courage you never knew you had!"

Walking with God: Live each day with an awareness of God's presence, depend upon God's faithfulness even through times of doubt, talk with God, listen for the sound of His voice and then obey--knowing that if God has set you to a task, He will see you through to its completion.

My Father,

I come to You today to ask You to help me be a better listener. Help me not only to talk with You, but then to listen for Your voice throughout my day and obey Your instructions for my life.

Help me not to be drawn by the distractions of this world, but to lean on You for my strength and courage in doing whatever it is You are asking of me. Help me to be a person who says "YES" to you immediately, without hesitation, without even considering what "others" may think or say.

Call me to the task, Lord, and I will follow. I know that You will give me the strength, the building blocks, the courage to finish to completion whatever You call me to in this life.

Lord, You know this is a busy time in my life right now. I get so confused sometimes even knowing what to do first. Help me to remember to stop and say, "Lord, what is it that You want me to do today?" and then to listen for Your voice and obey.

Help me to stand firm in this world, standing true in my faithfulness to You, just as you stand firm and faithful to me.

In Your Son's Name, I pray,



Peggy said...

AWESOME Beth...The problem is that we give the Lord our talk, talk, talk of long to do lists and then we hardly LISTEN when to do! I may say that I do, but to be so aware of HIM IN EVERY MOMENT and obey really takes focus! I don't even do that with people so how much more in tune should I be with His Spirit! But if I move in the spirit, and breathe the breath of God, each part of my day, certainly I will obey like Noah! Blind trust and faith in the Supreme Being!

I love your powerful insights & truths! I LOVE even more enjoying Stormie's book with you! And the best part is the way you pray so beautifully and whole heartedly!!!
No pretense start from the heart!

Denise said...

Very lovely my friend.

Rachel said...

Nicely stated. Each morning during my quiet time I have to consciously stop talking and start listening. As well as moments throughout the day. When you do it is amazing what you hear - not every time, but when He hits you with a big freeing truth and I'm so thankful that the spirit reminded me to be quiet and listen.


proudgrits11 said...

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Thanks for your help!!!!
-Tabitha :)
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