Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Sunday

I'm joining Peggy at Amazing Grace for Super Sunday!! Stop by and visit her and join in!! It's super, simple and it's Sunday!!

I found a graphic at HeartLight by Ben Steed that really impressed me today:

All things--our possessions, our money, our very lives will pass away. But, the Word of God has stood firm for thousands of years and will remain standing firm!

Stand firm in God's Word!! His promises are faithful!!



Peggy said...

Oh Blessings Beth...I LOVE THIS! I am so blessed by this sweet child quoting Isaiah 40. Moves me to tears everytime I here this at the end of Lincoln's PRAISE worthy song! Thank you for the beautiful scripture and the well worn Bible
showing clearly that the WORD of God does not fade...May the meaning & strength of His promises & Word
dwell & increase in our hearts & minds in 2009. Have a SUPER SUNDAY with Him!!! And Bible Gateway is sharing my verse of my promise to God since 6th grade...when I came to dedicate my life to this with these exact words and I didn't know Deut. or the Bible being in a private catholic school! But the Firm Foundation was formed in me.
Thank You Lord Jesus!

Denise said...

Very nice, love it.