Friday, January 2, 2009

Living and Learning

Marsha at Marsha's Musings is hosting a chronological Bible reading. I had made a commitment to myself to read the entire Bible through this year, something that I have started and stopped in the past.

This reading will be of the Bible in the order of which events occurred. I don't own a chronological Bible, so I'll be jumping around a bit. If you'd like to join in, visit Marsha where she has the readings listed for each day. Be sure to leave her a comment if you're joining her.

As an update on the Weekly Memory Verse--how are those that decided to participate doing? Do you have the verse from Monday committed to your memory yet?

My thoughts on this: I have the verse committed to my memory. When Monday rolls around, I'll be posting on how God has spoken to me through this verse. I would really appreciate it if each of you would do the same in a comment and perhaps on your own blog also.

Then, we'll be given a new verse to memorize, study and hear God's voice speaking to us.

Hopefully, by Monday I'll be able to figure out Mr. Linky, and we can all link up together.

Now, I'm off to read my assignment for today!! I really hope you'll be joining in with both of these ventures. This is a wonderful way to start the new year--steeping ourselves in God's Word.



Denise said...

I have the verse memorized in my mind, and heart sweetie. I love you.

Spring Fricks said...

Ah, it's Friday and I don't have the verse memorized yet but I'm working on it. Hopefully by Monday I'll be good to go.

I'm back on the blogging track and have posted a new letter. I look forward to your feedback. Have a great weekend friend.

Marsha said...

Oh I'm not as good as you, Beth! I'm allowing myself 2 weeks on mine.

Thanks for the post on the Chronological Bible Reading. Did you get my email with the link?

Also, thank you for your kind comments on my blog. You are such an encourager.

Have you heard from Peggy?