Monday, January 26, 2009

Weekly Memory Verse

Before we begin our Weekly Memory Verse, I want to draw attention to the fact that "The Lighthouse of Prayer" has moved to its new home. Please drop by and visit us there!!

Our verse for last week was a long one. How did everyone do? I have to admit that my mind was on a lot of other things last week. Let's see how well I did:

Everyone must submit themselves to the governing authorities for there is no other authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God....Romans 13:1

Looks right to me!! Now, how has this verse spoken to me through this week:

This has been a week of change in our country with the inauguration of our new President and staff. A lot of people are placing their hopes in this man. The responsibility he is feeling at this time must be overwhelming.

What I (and everyone) must remember is that he is a man--a human being just as the rest of us are. This verse says that God has established the governing authorities and that we must submit to them.

We must remember that God is still in control of our entire universe. We must pray the President Obama and his staff seek God's Will for our country and then follow His decisions.

I know as I visit others posts that a lot of people are praying for our new President and staff. Let's continue to pray that he will seek God's Will in each and every decision made. And let's also pray for the President's family--their safety and protection of God during his time in office.

I cannot even imagine being the President of this country. This is a responsibility beyond any concepts I may even have. So, please continue to pray for President Obama, his staff, all of their families.

Our hope is not placed in this man. Our hope is placed in him following God in whom we have placed our hope.

Now for next week--a little change up here:

I received a surprise in the mail last week. This is a deck of playing cards--not an ordinary deck of cards--but a deck of Scripture playing cards. There are the usual aces, kings, queens, jacks, etc., but each card has a Scripture written on it instead of the usual markings.

So, I was thinking....Hmmmmm....thinking--52 cards in a deck--52 weeks in a year--

What we're going to be doing is going through the deck of cards--week by week--using the verses on these cards.

The first card is the ace of spades. Here is the verse written upon it and your weekly memory verse for next week:

But seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.....Matthew 6:33

How did last week's verse speak to you?



Denise said...

My memory verse monday post is up.

Kay Martin said...

On Saturday I was in 2 different Christian gatherings. The first one was with business people who spoke the entire time of using Pres. Obama as the role model to emulate. The later group was grieved and feeling doom because of recent legislation that the President had put into place that might encourage abortions. The fear and bitterness coming from these people was overwhelming.

I ended up in prayer to God, "Father, all these people love You with all their hearts. Their opinions are so strong and inflexible. They have polar opposite thoughts and feelings. Help me to hear You on what prayers line up with Heaven for America and our elected authority, President Obama." I'm listening...and praying for filters on all the other talking.

Good scripture for today.

Peggy said...

AMEN BETH!!! Your thoughts lining up with Romans 13:1 are excellent!

Kay's beautiful prayer belongs in the LIGHTHOUSE!

I wish I too would have written on your verse you memorized but your
insights were perfect!

Responsibility is overwhelming!

Being in any public office calls for much responsibility and many prayers!

The verse clearly says..."all authorities that exist have been established by God."

We must lay down and submit while continuing to bring this administration, President Obama, Vice President Biden, our Congress,
all authorities...join the Presidential Prayer Team! Their decisions are indeed an awesome
responsibility. But then we must remember what you pointed out:


Do we believe that? Do we hear His Word given here? or are we picking & choosing from our own agendas. We
must UNITE our prayer and SEEK God's will for our nation & the world...and ASK GOD ALMIGHTY to
penetrate the darkness & give each authority from the top all the way down HIS WISDOM. I'll reserve my "sermon" rights and offer a prayer.

What version is the new verse?
Special Thanks for stating which card!

I told you that Kay's prayer should be on The Lighthouse and this one perhaps also since my comments are always too long. Yet I feel that I need to submit to governing authorities and uphold them in this from PPT(not my words but theirs):

For President Obama to remain strong and disciplined in every part of his spiritual life
Be diligent in these matters; give yourself wholly to them, so that everyone may see your progress.
—I Timothy 4:15

Heavenly Father, we rejoice that You have placed in each one of us a desire to know You deeper, to devote ourselves to the study and proclamation of Your Word, and to seeking love, faith and purity just as Paul exhorted his protégé Timothy to do in the passage above. We are grateful, Lord, that You, the Creator, desire to have a relationship with us, the Created.

God, we intercede today that You would place in the heart of President Obama an unquenchable desire to know You. Even in the midst of his great responsibilities and challenges as our president, give Your child, Barack Obama, the hunger to seek You, and the time to do so, on a daily basis. Let him be disciplined and, as a result, strengthened in his spiritual life, and let him grow closer to You, O God, in Your name we pray, amen.

Rachel said...

This verse Matthew 6:33 has been one that has changed my life. A couple of years ago - I did try to seek His kingdom above else - and what my life has become as a result is truly amazing. God is indeed faithful to His promises - more so than I could have imagined. I realize He makes things very simple for us, seek Him, we make it complicated by trying to do all things He promises to do for us. Great verse to memorize.


Spring Fricks said...

Last week's scripture was timely and I had to spend some time in prayer to find out exactly how God wants me to pray under this new administration.

I like the playing card idea. I've never seen one of those. But, 52 weeks, 52 cards, here we go!