Monday, September 22, 2008

Do you feel His presence?

I thought I'd like to pose a question tonight.

Have you ever really felt the Lord's presence? Really known for sure that He was nearby?

This is something that I really struggle with. I long to be able to feel the Lords presence, and know that He is there, guiding and protecting me.

I've only ever once really felt the Lord speak to me. I say felt because that's what it was, a feeling, I didn't hear Him, but felt Him.

And what did He say? I love you. It's hard to describe how that felt. I felt it in my heart, and a warmth that just spread through my body. It was gone as quickly as it came, and left me wanting more, but it hasn't happened again.

While that is the only time I have ever clearly heard (or felt) the Lord speak to me I have felt his presence quite often. This always happens during praise in church. So many times I have gone to church feeling dejected, tired of the contstant battle of trying to convince my family to join me, weighed down by my feelings of failure as a parent and a wife. I stand to sing the first song, and it's "Here Iam to Worship". The Lord uses this song on me a lot! He knows that I need reminding that once I step into church it's time to leave everything with Him, no more worry, hurt or anger, just worship. I rarely get through that song without crying. And there are many more worship songs that the Lord uses to tell me something, to comfort me, to remind me that I am His, and that He loves me.

I'd love to hear how you have felt or heard the Lord. Please feel free to share.


HisFireFly said...

I have felt His presence on rare occasions, and I belive I will write a post about the same, either here or at Flickers.

But please know also that I believe we need to acknowledge His presence whether we "feel" it or not. That's the faith part. We can't trust our own feelings anyway.

Father God, we choose this day to worship and adore You. We admit Lord God that at times we stumble in the dark, unable to see You or hear You or feel Your presence. But this day, Lord God, we choose to declare that You are here, in all of Your power, Your glory and Your love. Thank You for being You, in Jesus name.

Rilda Peel said...

Hello and blessings dear one. Do I feel His presence? Yes daily, and it is like the air around me giving me breath for it is so life giving. It is just a knowing that it is the life force which brings His gifts into manifestation which brings Him into my atmosphere. I did ask and then found He is ALL around, whether it be in the things I see or in the things I know from His word living in me I do not know although I hear Him speak to me daily in many way.
I discovered being open for the not so ordinary allowed Him to speak to me right where I am at. If others tell me this or that to make it happen it may for them but we all are unique and He speaks to us in a way as the song you hear that you mentioned [where deep calls to deep] for something is being released as I weep. His will be done, rilda *U*

sailorcross said...

I have actually "felt" God's presence twice--Once I was driving and singing along with a worship song. I was stopped at a red light, and I was still singing, and then I did feel the words "I love you" pressed upon my heart. I have never felt so full of love in my entire life!

The second time was in church--we were singing "Take My Life". I suddenly felt that I must kneel down in surrender to God. I was crying. There were friends on either side of me, and they knelt also--crying. I felt a pressure on my shoulder as if to comfort me, but when I asked others about this I was told that there was no one putting their hand on my shoulder.

I agree with firefly--we must have the faith that God is always near. I find that if I just look at nature around me--the sunrise, the sunset, thunderstorms, stars, the clouds and realize that God created all of this--then I know that He is always near.

Just think--the trees are going to be changing color here soon--beautiful shades of orange, red and yellow. When I look at this in wonder, I just have to think to myself--"Who would have thought of this except for our God?"