Saturday, September 13, 2008

First The Power of Your Love Post

I'd like to share with you how this blog came to be.

I pray daily--many, many times a day. I pray for others, for myself, for situations, thanks and praise. I was visiting someone else's blog one day, and I saw that she had a prayer journal, and I thought to myself, "What a good idea!"

As I thought on this, the idea flourished into inviting others to share in this experience. Thus, the beginnings of "The Power of Your Love".

This will be a blog where you can address prayer requests, praises, what are your concerns, joys, sorrows. You could contribute a poem that you may have written, a picture that you love that depicts your love of our Lord, a video, a scripture that is particularly meaningful to you and why, anything that is given to the glory of God.

I have several people who have expressed interest in this, and I am going to be inviting them as authors. If you happen to come across this and would like to be included, please let me know.

And now--my first prayer request:

My Father,

As we begin, I ask your blessings upon this venture. Please utilize this spot to glorify your name, and your name alone. All things have come from you, and I lift up my praise and love to you on this day and everyday of my life.

In Jesus' precious name I pray,



HisFireFly said...

I would feel honoured and blessed to be able to contribute to this new venture that glorifies our awesome Lord!

Some of my favorite writing is when I am putting prayers on paper.

May His blessings rest upon this new work you and He have begun.

sailorcross said...

I'm so happy that you want to part of this!!

Please send me your e-mail address, and I'll have Blogger send you an invitation!