Monday, September 15, 2008

Evening Prayer

I thank You, Lord God for all the things this day has brought. I thank You for the work You set before me and pray that as it was accomplished it brought glory to Your name.

As evening settles in, I long to curl up in Your lap and listen to Your heart beat for the new day tomorrow. I am thankful for the invitation to abide in You, may I never take that for granted. May I ever come eagerly into Your presence.

I pray that You fill my night with the dreams and visions You desire to share with me and that as I rest, my spirit will be filled anew, in Jesus name.

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sailorcross said...

I just came home from Small Group, and I read your post. What a perfect bedtime prayer!

I, too, hope that all my efforts today reflected God's vision for what He wants me to accomplish--all to His glory.

Have a wonderful and blessed rest of the evening. Now, I'm off to sleep.